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  1. marklloyd

    Fresh strength after long lay-offs will regress to where the trainees strength would currently be if they’d never trained: Young adults regress to the strength they had before their first workout. Maturing teenagers will be stronger than they were at first. Aging mature adults will be weaker.

  2. WOW! So privileged to hear Mr. Hutchins lecture on proper inroad. Awesome! Thank you Ren Ex team for the highly educational/ informative posts.


    • renextextbook

      thank you! sir

  3. A question about threshold. If meaningful resistance is applied, does the threshold represent the point where one cannot lift the resistance anymore(positive failure) or is it something beyond that point?


    • renextextbook


      simply a depth of inroad that sets up a alarm response…this may or may not even be related to “lifting” anything

  4. I am very happy Ken is back! Still has that same old style of presenting :) ……but regardless good info.

    • renextextbook

      Ken has evolved on many areas….presentation the same :-)

  5. Angie

    Thanks for the clear explanation, especially the terminology clarifications. It makes me wonder about getting efficient inroading on inefficient equipment. If all you have access to is inefficient weight training equipment which cause/allow certain muscles to inroad faster than others, is there any benefit to doing a set to failure, waiting say 30 sec – 1 min., and attempting another set to failure with the hopes of getting a deeper inroad with those mucsles that didn’t get enough time under load in the first set? I’ve heard this discussed and can see the possible benefit and also that it could be a complete waste of time. Maybe you address this in your book? Thanks again!

    • renextextbook

      Hi Angie,

      Yes, to a great extent protocol will be dependent on the machine being used.

      Our recommendations are based on our gear and our protocol.

  6. Sean McNicholas, Wales

    Thank you Ken. Nice to see this issue addressed again.
    I am currently exploring the Time Static Contraction (TSC) approach to exercise and am currently fascinated by the fundamental question (as I see it) that arises from effective TSC technique: “why move at all during exercise?”. The requirements for achieving efficient and meaningful inroad in your presentation are clearly satisfied by a carefully prescribed and implemented TSC approach, are they not?.
    I wonder, therefore, if you or others could help my theoretical exploration by suggesting reasons why the exercise situation might be improved upon by movement. In other words what advantages (if any) are there in performing an exercise ‘set’ to failure in order to achieve meaningful inroad as opposed to performing a TSC version of the same exercise.
    Sean McNicholas, Exercise Instructor, Wales UK

    • renextextbook

      We continue to explore the “necessity” of dynamic movement.

      Much more to come on this now that we have feedback mechanisms and can make meaningful comparisons


    Superb presentation, logical and clear. I find it hard to believe that so many people do not understand this approach to exercise.

    • renextextbook


    • renextextbook